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First Gig With New Lineup Completed

Posted By on December 3, 2012 in News, News With Gallery |

First Gig With New Lineup Completed

Finally we hit the stage again last night for the first time in 6+ months, its been a long and arduous path, but I think after last nights gig, we are safely back on track.

Last night we introduced the world to our new singer/guitarist Ste Gough at the Slade Rooms. We were headlining and it was an amazing night.

Playing 5 previously recorded MGA songs intermingled with 4 new tracks it was set to be interesting what kind of response we would get, but from up on stage there seemed to be a lot of whooping, cheering and hollaring, so we can only assume from these noises we must have been doing something right!

Ste was nervous the whole day, to the point where he started looking pale, however once he got on stage, a switch clicked and he went full on into front man mode! (Its only taken him 6 years to get back on stage!)

So now thats out the way on to business! No rest for the wicked, we’ve now got to get ready for a Christmas gig with Hils Ovation, back at the Slade Rooms, Supporting Diamond Lil, 22nd December! Put it in your diaries! its £5 in and its set to be a fantastic night!

I’m going to leave you with a snippet of “Narcissus” from last nights gig, Enjoy! and head over to the Videos page to see the full length version of the song!